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The Art Of Managing Money

The Sun Tzu's wisdom in making money and protecting your wealth.

Art Of War and Money

What has Sun Tzu Art Of War book got to do with MONEY?

Well I can tell you, Art of War is all about MONEY. 

And war is business.

Sun Tzu have reminded many times in his Art Of War book that to fight a war you need money. He also mentioned, what's the point of fighting when there is nothing to gain?

The Sun Tzu Art of War book talks about strategies in winning a battle with the most effective and efficient way to win with very little use of money (if possible).

The Art Of Managing Money 

As Sun Tzu says...

"Those who do not understand the damages of war, cannot thoroughly understand the profitable way on carrying it on"

You have to understand the consequences if you do not use your money in the right way. To manage your hard earned money effectively and efficiently you go to know the art of managing money. 


The Art Of Managing Money

This program is based from the Sun Tzu Art Of War book.

In this program we discuss how we can apply his wisdom in managing money.

In this program, we will show you how to:

  • The "Situational" money mindset.

  •  The 5 Heavenly Factors To Financial Wealth.

  •  Leveraging Methods.

  •  Money decision making.

  • Non attachment to money.

  • How to always win every time.


This program teaches you to make money and protect your wealth.

Message From Mr. Art Of War

Everyone must learn how to manage their hard earned money and know how to enjoy their wealth the right way.

From my personal experience I have seen people whom I know that earns millions and seeing them losing most of their wealth because of mismanagement.

What do I mean by mismanagement?

This could happen when a person:

  1. Uses his or her money and make a wrong investment. 

  2. Go in to a partnership that is destine to fail.

  3. Greedy friends and relatives that are after their money.

  4. Money spent without any benefits in return.

  5. Greed and reckless.

The Art Of Managing Money is wholly based from the 2,500 years old teachings of Sun Tzu on how to manage and win a battle with the highest return of investment.

Most of our daily activities revolves the use of money. We have to make sure our money is used in the right way that brings us happiness, joy and security. And at the same time learning to keep our wealth.

So it is important to understand how to manage our money. 

That is how "The Art Of Managing Money" Program was created. 

I welcome you to join the program and I am very sure their are a lot you can learn from Sun Tzu's wisdom.

Yours Sincerely,

J. Khoo (Mr. Art of War)

Sun Tzu Art Of War Program

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The Art Of Managing Money

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