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With 30 years of practicing Sun Tzu Art Of War philosophy, we present to you the
Modern Art Of War Program.

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Why Join Mr Art Of War Programs? 

With the right strategies, you can win in your career, business, or life. After 30 years of researching and practicing Sun Tzu's Art Of War philosophy and other Chinese military classics, we present the Modern Art Of War Program. Here's why...  


Proven Method

Many successful leaders today and in the past uses Sun Tzu Art of War method. Many leaders in corporate, business, and politics uses the Art of War to their advantage.

Sun Tzu said that those who knows the Art of War will win. Those who do not know will be defeated. If your competitor knows the Art of War, don't you think you should also know?

You have everything to gain from learning the Art of War. Explore Mr. Art of War programs.


Real Advice

Sun Tzu’s Art Of War book consists of 13 principles (chapters), which are the knowledge and wisdom passed down to him by his past generations and his personal experience. 

Mr. Art of War's program provides straight-to-the-point solutions, and you can immediately implement the strategies. Learn and conquer.


Formula To Victory

I strongly believe there is a formula to success. Sun Tzu said, "He wins his battle by making no mistakes. Making no mistakes is what establishes the certainty of victory, which means conquering an enemy that is already defeated.".

All the solutions provided by Sun Tzu were based on what works and what does not. Learn the Art of War and win everytime. Discover Mr. Art Of War programs.


2,500 Years Old Wisdom

Today, most successful CEOs, business leaders, and political leaders study Sun Tzu's Art Of War methods. Mr. Art of War offers specific solutions on leadership, money management, and negotiation techniques. 


Sun Tzu Art Of War Says...

“If know yourself and know your enemy, you will fear not the results of a hundred battles. If you do not know your enemy but know yourself, you will win some and lose some. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will be in danger in every battle.”


How To Master Sun Tzu Art Of War

To understand Sun Tzu’s Art of War you should read and study holistically.

Do not take each individual Sun Tzu Art of War quotes and interpret it .

Here is an example of Sun Tzu’s most popular quote,

“If you know the enemy and know yourself, your victory will be undoubted;

If you know Heaven and Earth, you may make your victory complete.”

The second sentence is most of the time being left out. 

“Heaven” refers the the weather. dark and light, cold and heat, and seasons. Heaven elements are beyond your control. In business, it can mean, economic situation, business trend, social trend, political climate, timing or general sentiment.

“Earth” is the position, location and types of battlefield. It determines the distance, far and near, big and small, danger and safe. In a business, it refers to size of the market, safe or risky business, or difficulty of entering the market. 

Once you have a clear understanding of your capability and resources, also your enemy’s, and with the observation, study and calculations of the weather and market, your victory is complete.


In Mr. Art Of War, the “book and audio”  leadership programs, we made it simple, straight forward and very easy for you to master the Art of War.

You can then straight away apply the lessons taught by Sun Tzu.

About Mr Art Of War

Mr. Art Of War programs are developed for those who want to move forward in life using the Art of War method

J. Khoo @ Mr. Art Of War started his career with no money, no connections and no one to turn to for advice.

He has attended and read many motivational books and gone to many courses. It only gets him fired up, and later fizzles out. 

There are a few great books that have impacted J. Khoo. One of them is the Sun Tzu Art of War book.

J. Khoo believes most people are hard working but what people need is a guide and a strategy to move forward in life. He found his answer in the book of philosophy and strategy, the Sun Tzu Art of War.


He is 52 years old and a long time practitioner of the Sun Tzu Art of War in leadership, management and negotiation. 

J. Khoo is a businessman. He was formerly an automotive Country Manager, Regional Manager (Sales Recovery Management) , Top Dealership Manager and was the top earning luxury car salesperson.

After leaving the corporate world, he embarked on his fulfilling and meaningful career by teaching people about the art of leadership and the art of sales negotiation. 

"Small mistakes are a lesson to learn, however big mistakes can be deadly. You can avoid making big mistakes by being a student of the Art Of War"

Mr. Art of War is Mr. J. Khoo.  He uses the Art of War methods successfully in his business, leadership and the art of negotiation.

With his 30 years experience and knowledge in the Art of War, J. Khoo shows you how you can use Sun Tzu Art of War winning formula in your life, career or business.

Sun Tzu Art Of War Program

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Sun Tzu Quotes

"To subdue the enemy without fighting is the supreme excellence."

Members' Feedback On Our Programs

Mr Art Of War Reviews

"I have read the art of war by Sun Tzu a few times before joining the leadership program. Whilst I am familiar with Master Sun's works, I have to say there are some strategies I discovered and find it very interesting. Keep up the good work."

David Gervasoni

United States

"No fillers and long windedness. Only straight to the point advice and lots of pointers and examples that makes the programvery easy to understand."

Peter Lim


"From what I know, I have never heard of any management gurus talking about "Situational Management". That's very new to me. Most will talk about or promote a certain management style that fits every situation."

Martin Diaz

United States


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